Lorp--He is Zethenna's servant--or, at least she thinks he is. 

From Wizard Girl:

First, Lorpís tongue shot out again, this time aimed expertly at the ghastly looking fish. Whether the fish were already filleted Kat couldnít tell. In any case, the Lorp tongue lifted off a fist-sized slab of fish leaving a delicate rack of ribs exposed. He reeled in his tongue and began to work his jaws. Then Lorpís tongue came slithering out from his beak, this time with a green pile of pulp on its tip. The tongue went not to the fish again, as Kat expected, but to Zethenna. Her Wizardness opened her mouth and let Lorp drop the awful mush on her own outstretched tongue. She closed her eyes, smiled and swallowed it.